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NCPI – Using Science and Technology for servicing national essentials and vitals sectors in the State of Kuwait and the Middle East.

NCPI is a Kuwaiti National Company located at the Main Industrial Area near Shuaibah Refinery, south of Kuwait City, having its own Production Unit covering an area of 12,000 sq. m with a production capacity of up to 27,000 MT/Y. An ISO 9001:2008 certified Company, we provide innovative chemical products and services to our Customers.

Considerable investment is being made to develop eco-friendly products and to train our Team on environmental protection and safety measures. This helps balance our commitment towards economic, environmental and social responsibilities keeping in mind that HSE is a part of our working culture, within the facility and in offices and that HSE must occur every single day.

NCPI aims at working towards optimum utilization of its resources to achieve maximum output and operational excellence; not compromising on safety.


A word from the Chairman

NCPI,,established the best chemical activities in the Gulf, has come a long way since its inception in 1995. Serving Customers is our aspiration. Thus interpreting the market needs and adapting ourselves to ever-changing Client requirements with tailor made products helps NCPI face today’s challenges.

Thorough R&D strengthened by Technology Transfer Agreements with our renowned international principles, excellent team work and involvement throughout the Organization coupled with practical experience from the corporate world of the Oil, Gas and Water Sector has helped us develop and design unique solutions, which has fortified our growth. Taking NCPI beyond local boundaries, we have triggered our presence in the Middle East and foresee NCPI going global in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, to be at par with Eco Management, we have successfully launched our new range of biodegradable chemicals applying International Safety rules and Environment regulations, attaining our policy to maintain highest levels of safety not only within our Facility but beyond – Environment, Customers and Community from the stage of designing our products till consumption and / or disposal measures.

Diversified activities, competitive superior products, safety, environmental protection regulations and globalization – welcome to the new world of National Chemical & Petroleum Industries, working towards a green and safe world.

Waleed Al Mahdi

Our Strategy

Improving as we continue to learn daily complying with rules and regulations and revering to Environment and its Safety.

Strategy for Development

We have extended our contributions beyond profit performance by living up to our commitments with every individual contributing to its success, making us more efficient in reaching our targets.
Our strategy for development includes:

Designing, Developing, Manufacturing, Marketing and Servicing a wide range of high-grade performance chemicals for Oil, Gas, Water and Waste Water Sector.

Generating integrated solutions for the Energy Industries.

Sincere dedication to research and creation of new products designed to meet market demands, not compromising on quality, safety and environmental protection.

Enhancing the value and effectiveness of our products together with our international partners to meet customer expectations.

Continuing our contribution for economic growth and industrial resource diversification worldwide.

Recipient of ISO 9001:2008 Certificate issued by QMI – SAI Global, Canada, reflects our dedication to pursue quality excellence and satisfaction of our valued Clientele. This registration provides an objective evidence of our obligation towards national and international management systems.

Proud holder of KIWA-ATA (Assessment on Toxicological Aspects) Certificate and being one amongst the few Chemical Manufacturing Companies in the Middle East to have our product certified, giving our chemicals international recognition.

Our Mission & Vision

To be recognized and evaluated as one of the top companies in Kuwait in the supply of chemicals for oil, gas, water and waste water industries, as well as introducing new products in the market as a market pioneers.

NCPI will achieve its objective through the strongest commitment to:

Ensuring that NCP is a market leader not a market follower.

Developing & promoting an image of customer service excellence.

Creating a unified company culture aimed at retaining and attracting the highest quality personnel.

Focusing the company resources on specific targeted markets.

Solutions provider in terms of collaborations with customers and partners for the provision of end-to-end solutions.

Achieving & sustaining growth in earning & building a solid profit margin to cap it all for our future.

We are more than Chemical Manufacturers to our Customers. We are Partners they can depend on.

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